Potted Christmas Trees

Caring for your Potted Christmas Tree

November 14, 2014

The perfect gift!

Our Potted Christmas trees make the perfect addition to your home or are an even better gift! Why not give one to your clients, tenants or even the next door neighbour, after Christmas move your tree into a bigger pot of plant them in your yard and watch it grow year after year :)

Keep them looking great indoors and out!

So how do you look after them and make sure they survive? Well, during summer if kept outdoors they require water every day (winter 2-3 times a week), you can keep them in full sunlight however partial shade is ideal.

Most people keep their potted trees inside for a few weeks over Christmas, try to limit it to about 3 weeks indoors. Upon re-introducing your tree to the outdoors, treat it like a person. It will be delicate and sensitive to the sun after 3 weeks indoors, so to avoid it getting burnt keep it in full shade for the first 3-4 days. After this, progressively re-introduce it into sunlight with an hour in the sun during the morning for a week and then increasing the amount of sunlight every week thereafter.

Look after your potted tree just like this and after about ten years it will reach its maximum height of 1.5 metres. Oh and no pruning! It will keep its shape just fine without any trimming.

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