About us

Started by four local Canberrans, The Christmas Tree Truck was a genuine light bulb moment…

Sparked by a family dinner table discussion where someone simply asked the question, ‘who delivers real Christmas trees?’ the idea snowballed and created the business as it is today

The four owners, John, Pat and brothers Liam and Ben all went to school together. Having studied various degrees and with a wide range of experience in customer service, property, marketing and web design the light bulb moment mentioned above was held onto and an idea was turned into a reality.

The Christmas Tree Truck team

Started in 2013, the guys realised that so many people want a real Christmas tree, but often it’s just too hard. John describes his motivation behind the concept, having noticed the difficulties getting your own real tree has…

“They’re tough to acquire, the trip is often a long one, they’re messy and they fall over! We saw an opportunity to provide a service that people need and want”

From this point onward, the concept was derived and now the people of Canberra and its surrounding regions can have their real Christmas trees delivered, installed and removed.

Locally owned, locally run

The guys are committed to providing the best possible service at all times, with quality of product and a focus on growing the range to offer as many products as possible the core functions of the business. 2014 has seen the arrival of many new products, however the business will always be local and is intent on being involved with the local community that has given so much to them growing up says Liam.

“We’ve all spent our whole lives here, any opportunity to be involved in the community and we’re there! From the Santa Variety Fun Run, to the Snowy Hydro Gala and this year with our Her Canberra tree for a tree campaign, we want to give back as often as we can!”

The Christmas Tree Truck is a local business on the rise, committed to delivering you, your family and your friends a real Christmas tree this year!