How long my Christmas tree lasted!

December 19, 2017 ,

My tree was delivered on December 1, making it a bit over 17 or 18 days old while writing this and about 1 week to go until Christmas. So how is it looking? Well, here is a timeline of my tree this Christmas:

Firstly, my house isn’t air conditioned so it can get quite warm during the day but I make a point of drawing the curtains during the day while at work so that the tree doesn’t get too much direct sunlight!

Week 1: It was a fairly mild week so my house didn’t get too hot and the tree was drinking the full stand of water each day, looking and smelling great!

Week 2: The week started off with similar outside temperatures as week 1, fairly mild. Then, the heat hit later in the week and all of a sudden my tree started to droop a little. It was still drinking water but started to slow down and I started to notice some small bits of brown inside the tree. Overall, it still looked great and the smell was amazing!

Week 3: Moving into the week before Christmas, I’m confident it will make it to Christmas still looking good but might be a bit dry.

My conclusion is I’d rather have a tree nearing the end of its life on Christmas day and enjoy it for as long as I can in December, so I guess if you wanted it to be perfectly fresh come Christmas day a later delivery date might be better.



My tree after 2 weeks!



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