Help! I forgot to water my Christmas tree!

December 6, 2017

It happens all the time a simple miscommunication and all of a sudden you’ve forgotten to water your tree and the stand is completely dry, what should you do? Well, unfortunately letting the stand go dry is really bad for your tree :(

What to do…

The best bet is to remove your tree from the stand, give it a fresh cut (10-20mm off the base) and reinstall (you would have to redecorate, unfortunately). If this isn’t viable, you can also try warm water to dissolve the sap, or place some cuts with a small saw in the side of the stump (below the water line) but this is not the most reliable option.

If you bought your tree from us and these options aren’t practical, then give us a call and we will try to pop past and do this for you :)

Check out the video in our Instagram feed below to see how to put your tree in the stand!


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