How long does a real Christmas tree last?

November 9, 2016

Having been asked numerous times in the last few weeks, “how long do our trees last?” We figured it was time to shed some light on just how long they will last.

The simple answer is 4 weeks. We have designed our delivery schedule specifically so that all our trees when properly looked after will make it to Christmas day. We offer a variety of delivery dates for this reason

if you want your tree to be looking super fresh on Christmas day then get a slightly later delivery date, if you want to enjoy it for a longer period of time then come Christmas day it may not be looking as perfect as it could be.

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However! Caring for your tree is the key, the one in the video below was watered EVERY DAY and kept out of direct sunlight so it still looks magnificent on day number 30. You don’t need to add anything to the water, there is only one magic trick – when we deliver your tree we give it a fresh-cut as we unload it off the truck and then your job is to keep the water level above the base of the tree at ALL times. Once the water drops below the base, sap seals the trunk and the poor tree can’t absorb water anymore :(

So, essentially you can get your tree delivered on any date and it will still be looking pretty good come Christmas day! Your needs, wants and your ability to make sure you water it every day will dictate its condition come Christmas day, but follow our instructions and come 25 December your tree should be looking great :)

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